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4 Advantages of Plastic Business Card Printing

Plastic business card printingFirst impressions are very important for any business and your business card is your first impression as a company. Plastic business cards are not only stunning visually; they are durable and will last longer than standard paper cards. Plastic cards have a variety of different uses and now can be used to create memorable business cards that are both affordable and available for many businesses.

There are many advantages to using plastic business cards. 4 important advantages include:

1.    Innovative Design

The printing quality on to plastic is highly detailed and the design of your card can say a lot about your company and its values.  The colors on plastic are deep and rich and provide a very detailed design that will last for a very long time.  The quality is incomparable to other cards and will leave a lasting impression.

2.    Variety of Uses

Plastic cards can be used strictly for visual purposes or interactive. Customers can use the cards with machines or other technology to store or retrieve information about your business products or services.

3.    Environmentally Friendly

Many plastic cards are made from recycled materials and reduce the waste of paper cards in our landfills. This is a great way for your company to become Eco-friendly and create a positive image in the eyes of your potential customers.

4.    Catering to Customer

In our new tech savvy world, customers now have the ability to transfer information from plastic cards directly to their phones by using Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows recipients of your plastic business card to transfer the information from the card into their phones using a chip inside the card. This eases the risk of saving wrong information such as phone numbers and can customers can easily update the cards by using apps.

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