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How to Create a Captivating and Informative Los Angeles Real Estate Brochure

Los Angeles is a fantastic place to sell real estate except for one thing…competition. It’s a rat race at times. You’d better stand out or you’ll be left behind. Brochures are quickly becoming an agent’s best friend. Digital information is great – like website content, virtual tours, and blogs. But there’s something special about having a brochure placed in your hand. It’s personal. It’s easy to refer to. And…it’s extremely effective so make sure you include some brochure printing Los Angeles style and experience the results of your efforts. Brochures offer a personal touch which is one of the things that’ is missing in this modern day and age. Be sure to keep professional yet don’t be afraid to add a personal air about your brochure as well. Real Estate Brochures 101: It’s All in the Presentation Here’s how to make the most of creating a real estate brochure that will capture the attention of your Los Angeles audience and drive results. Realize and Utilize the Tools at Your Disposal No matter what industry you’re in, it’s imperative to know what you’re working with and how to utilize the tools you have available. Brochures give real estate agents an upper edge in a city like Los Angeles where the housing market can be cut-throat. Only the agents with the most innovative methods will make it. Sometimes that means rediscovering a form of lost art for your advertising and in this case, it’s real estate brochures. Learn as much as you can about the possibilities that are before you when designing and producing your brochure. If you need help, there are full-service printing companies in Los Angeles that go above and beyond to offer assistance. Planning Your Real Estate Brochure The first thing you’ll want to do is choose your target area and your target audience. In a city as unique as Los Angeles, it’s important to speak like a local. If an area is formally named one thing but is commonly referred to as something else, use both terms. Research the demographics and everything else that stands out about the area and choose your target audience. Stay True to Your Branding With so many real estate agencies in LA, it’s imperative that yours stands out. Once way to accomplish that is to be consistent with your brand identity. If your company is recognized for being affordable, highlight the bargain aspect of your properties. If your agency is notorious for finding gems in established areas where few homes or businesses go on the market, build your focus around what people know and love about you. The same is true for resort real estate sales agents. Keep your fonts and color schemes in keeping with those of your logo and brand identity and make sure the rest of your brochure, like the images and content, line up accordingly. This gives clients and prospective clients a feeling of trust and familiarity. As you identify with them, they will identify with you. Creating A Stunning Brochure You must captivate your audience, or you won’t have one. Clearly, real estate brochures will highlight a lot of images. Be sure they are in focus and are breathtaking. It’s a wise idea to hire a photographer so your images look professional. Start with the property you want the most focus to go on and make that photo a little larger and the font bolder and bigger. Work around the main property. Keep the pages balanced. Feel free to use a template designed for real estate or have a professional craft the format for you. The content should be free of spelling and grammar errors. It should contain no fluff. Do use words related to real estate such as “panoramic views”, “seamless flow”, and so forth. Paint the Picture, LA Style Focus on the things that matter to Los Angeles homeowners. Is the neighborhood safe? Is there a pool? What are the views? What celebrity lived there in the past? All the things that set LA living apart should be emphasized in your brochure. Picking the Printer Brochure printing in Los Angeles can be overwhelming. There are so many, it’s difficult to choose one. Be sure you work with a full-service Los Angeles printer who knows and understands what you are trying to accomplish with your real estate brochure and who is willing to bend over backwards to help you achieve everything you desire. Using a high-quality printing service will make a huge difference in the outcome of your product. Don’t settle for one who takes shortcuts. You deserve the best. The look and feel of your brochure will greatly determine the results you see (or don’t see) from it. Distributing Your Brochure There are multiple methods for distributing your real estate brochure. You or a representative may decide to hand them out personally at a showing or event. Or, you can mail them or have them available at a property or in the office. Considerations Once you see firsthand how well a real estate brochure works for you, you may want to think about creating more. You can get deeper into classifying them if you want such as having one brochure for resort property and one for neighborhoods in good school districts. That way, when a client has a specific need or desire, you can present them with a personalized, relevant brochure. Congratulations Congratulations on designing and printing your first real estate brochure. Use your experience to make your next Los Angeles printed brochure even better. When Quality Matters (And…it ALWAYS Matters) If you are looking for a printer who is an expert in the real estate brochure area, be sure to check out Printing Fly. You’ll be treated with the utmost respect from the helpful team and the quality of work you’ll receive is second to none.