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Power in Print: EDDM Services for Small Service Industries

If you own a small service company like a plumbing, electrical, or construction/remodeling outfit, did you know you could greatly benefit from using Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM services? Here’s all you need to know to put this valuable marketing tool in action. What is EDDM Service? EDDM is a service the U.S. Postal Service founded in an effort to promote business mail for companies that wish to mail between 3,000 and 5,000 mailers per day. There are two types: EDDM for small businesses and EDDM BMEU (Business Entry Mail Unit) for larger businesses that mail out over 5,000 pieces per day. The concept is centered around savings and targeting the audience. USPS conducted a survey recently. It was determined that 54% of people tried a new business within the past six months because they received a piece of mail that USPS delivered. Those results reinforce the fact that EDDM is an excellent solution for small service companies who wish to grow their business. Get the Upper Edge Over Your Competition Advertising is expensive. If you’ve priced radio ads, television ads, or even social media ads lately, you know how costly they can be. Most of the audience isn’t your targeted group and you’ve paid a fortune to fall on deaf ears. Not so with EDDM. You are able to target any audience and don’t even need to purchase a mailing list. Simply inform USPS of what audience you wish to reach, and they’ll take care of the rest. You can even choose the date you want the mailers to go out. How easy is that? Reasons to Use EDDM Services EDDM services are ideal for welcoming new homeowners to the area. Through postcards or flyers, you can let them know about your service and assure them you are there for them. Another reason to use EDDM as a service business is to offer incentives to established and to new customers. Running specials, discounting services, adding coupons, and introducing referral programs are all examples of incentives that instigate business. Sometimes it’s a good practice just to thank your customers for their loyalty. Through postcards or flyers, you can show them you care. If you have an event coming up such as an anniversary for your service business, why not through a party and invite the neighborhood? You can easily bring that to pass by using EDDM services. The Design Designing your flyer or postcard can be fun if you’re into creative work. You can choose graphics that represent your company and your special or event. You can also use font and color schemes to bring out the mood you wish to portray. ]If you aren’t creative like that, it’s worth finding someone who is or using a template designed for what you have in mind. Remember that the mailer will be a reflection of your business so make it as nice-looking and attention-capturing as possible. Benefits of EDDM for Service Businesses Here are a few of the myriad of advantages you’ll have using EDDM services: Budget Friendly The cost of EDDM services is just a drop in the bucket compared to most other forms of advertising. Services who use EDDM save plus are able to claim their expenses on tax returns. Ability to Target Audience Hard Copy in Hand Studies prove that although digital marketing has its place in society, consumers still appreciate having hard copies to look at. Hard copies also can be placed in sight as a reminder of an upcoming event or discount. No Permit Needed A postage permit is not required to mail EDDM material as is with bulk mailing which save you time, trouble, and expense. Little Regulations You can choose between postcards and flyers. Postcards can even be extra-long without an upcharge. There are a few requirements but those are easily overseen when you use an EDDM-friendly print shop. If you don’t follow the few regulations however, your entire project will be botched so do use a printer who is familiar with EDDM or be ready to oversee the process yourself. Mail When You Want Businesses can choose the exact date they wish to have the material mailed out. It doesn’t matter when you turn your mail in, it can go out on the date of your choice and is safely stored at the post office until then. This is a priceless feature for teim-sensitive marketing endeavors or when you want the audience to read your material near or on a certain day such as just before a holiday or on a specific day of the week. Just notify the post office on the desired date you want them sent out and…done. No Mailing List to Purchase Mailing lists can be expensive. Getting them can be shady too. Mailing lists are usually generated by people who unsuspectingly put their address on something online so it’s not like they wanted to be contacted. Avoid the scenario when you trust USPS to tend to your mailing list for you. Convenience Utilizing EDDM ensures your menus out to your targeted audience without the hassle and danger associated with going door to door or passing them out at a given location. As a service business owner, you have enough on your plate. Let EDDM and your printer tend to all the details of this marketing endeavor so you can mind the shop and take care of your customers. Find an EDDM-friendly Service in Your Area Thousands have turned to EDDM to get their marketing mailed. Full service EDDM printing is offered by printshops. Finding a local print shop that offers EDDM services in your area is optimal because they will be familiar with the specific requirements USPS has such as size, thickness and type of paper used, and so forth. Check online for those who offer the service. Read any feedback or reviews they have available for those who have trusted them with EDDM before. 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