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Magnets are an effective marketing tool for businesses operating in any industry. Printing Fly offers high-quality magnet printing as part of our extensive print media marketing and branding services tailored to the needs of Los Angeles businesses.
Custom Magnet Printing And Design

Creating custom magnets that promote your product or brand are an innovative way to capture the attention of potential customers. Magnets are versatile in their range of applications, from car doors to cabinet files and refrigerators. Custom stationery carrying the business branding is a highly effective way to promote long-term recognition of a company and the services they supply. This is especially true when combined with stand-out graphic design that further encourages continued use of the stationary in question.

Printing Fly can assist customers with both graphic design and printing elements, ensuring an exceptional result. Magnet printing is offered across all sizes and shapes, using the latest printing technologies to bring designs to life on a 20mil magnetized material. We have worked with business clients to create a range of different uses for magnets to market their brand, including creating magnetic versions of business cards, calendars, flyers, and even redesigns of promotional banners. Vehicle magnets, file cabinet magnets, and refrigerator magnets also feature among the most popular options.

Custom Car Magnets | Custom Shaped Magnets | Custom Industrial Magnets

For businesses that are serious about promoting their brand in the long term, creating custom printed magnets is a great option. Feedback from our clients indicates that in the case of businesses offering local services by phone, offering eye-catching magnets to customers helps maintain their loyalty. Simply put, magnets can be a powerful device in keeping your services and contact details at the forefront of your customers minds.

To learn more about how Printing Fly can help your business to harness the power of print media marketing, contact our team directly or visit us in person at our West Los Angeles location.

Custom Magnets Los Angeles

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