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Coroplast Signs in Los Angeles

For businesses and industries in search of Coroplast Signs in Los Angeles, Printing Fly offers a wide variety of options at a very affordable price. This lightweight material is also extremely durable, making them the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns and promotions.

The extruded dual-wall polypropylene construction creates a hollow-fluted design that resembles the appearance of foam board but with greater resistance to normal wear and tear. Coroplast is also waterproof, making this material the popular choice over the more traditional options of poster board, foam core mounting board, or corrugated plastic.

Coroplast Sign Printing in Los Angeles
  • Directional Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Promotional Signs
  • Temporary Signs
  • Signage for Outdoor Events
  • Indoor signage for point-of-sale purchases
  • Tradeshow Signs
  • Exhibition Signs
  • Real Estate and Housing Development Signage
  • Political Signs
  • Signs for Yard Sales and Garage Sales
  • Music Festivals Signage
  • Company Picnics Signage
  • Charity Events Signage
Choose Coroplast Signs for Creative Marketing Strategies

Boost your marketing strategies of your signage by:

  • Choose from a variety of different colors.
  • Be creative by combining different lettering fonts and sizes.
  • Include additional signage features like special borders, striping, and other design elements.
  • Printing Fly can also include company logos or other graphics.
  • Coroplast signs are easy to display by using frames, grounding stakes, or even display easels.
Choose Coroplast Signs for Easy Installation

Our signs are so lightweight and durable that you can display them in any number of creative ways:

  • Double-sided Tape
  • Velcro
  • Suction Cups
  • Grounding Stakes
  • Frames
  • Self-supporting cardboard easel
Choose Coroplast Signs for Easy Maintenance

The waterproof dual-wall polypropylene construction allows for easy cleaning with just a damp cloth or squeegee.

  • Printing Fly recommends wiping the signs in the same direction as the corrugated flutes for best results.
  • Avoid leaving your Coroplast® signs in direct sunlight or excessive heat for long durations.
  • Store signs flat when not in use to avoid potential bowing or bending.
Coroplast Signs Los Angeles

Printing Fly offers a team of experienced marketing consultants and professional graphic artists. We have the unique ability to help the residents of Los Angeles through every step of the design process from beginning to end. We create affordable signage that gets results. For more information on the full range of services including Coroplast Signs in Los Angeles, contact Printing Fly today.

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