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Using Flyers to Grow New Business in Los Angeles

In the United States, tens of millions of people move from one location to another every year. Over the past few years, more people have relocated due to the economy and other reasons. That can be both good and bad for business owners. Here’s why and what to do about it.

Just when you had made a name for yourself in your business, your customers moved off and new homeowners moved in. The neighborhoods that once thought of you as family and called on your when they needed your services no longer live in the vicinity.

While it may be a little overwhelming, starting over is not always a negative thing. You can have a new beginning. You can build an ever bigger and better reputation. Maybe some of the neighborhood homeowners who moved off weren’t your customers for whatever reason. Perhaps maybe they never would have been. Now you have a brand new opportunity to earn new business. But…how?

Neighborhood Flyer Roundup

There are neighborhoods around the country that have turned completely over in the past few years. There are also new neighborhoods that have been built. An excellent way to market entire neighborhoods is to put out flyers.

Taking flyers door-to-door is a wonderful idea. You don’t need to pay for postage and if the homeowner is available, you can even speak to them in person and get acquainted. Or if you prefer, you can mail them out. By focusing on the entire area, you won’t need to have their names if you choose not to. Simply refer to them as “neighbor”.

There is a myriad of benefits to mailing flyers. EDDM, a service provided by the United States Postal Service allows you to target your audience to those who live in your area. It is much more effective and typically less expensive than many other methods of marketing such as television or radio ads or even social media ads. It is a reliable method too. Statistics prove that people check their mail regularly and pay attention to what they receive.

How to Market Neighborhoods

The method to marketing a specific area with flyers is simple. All you have to do is use EDDM. EDDM services allow small business to mail between 3,000 and 5,000 postcards, flyers, or menus per day. They will even send the mailers to the targeted group or area of your choice. You can choose the date the flyers go out and there is no permit required. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a mailing list and it is much cheaper than bulk mailing. When you get your flyers printed at a location that specializes in EDDM, you don’t even have to worry about the specifics such as the dimension of the flyers or the type and thickness of the paper. Your EDDM specialist will tend to all that for you.


In your flyer, you’ll want to give them a reason to care about your business. That generally means you are providing a solution to a problem they have, such as you are a plumber and when they have a plumbing issue, you become important. Or, you may have a product that is interesting or useful to them.

Whatever it is you are selling to them, they need to have an incentive to make it worth their while. Sales is a win-win, remember.
Whether it’s coupons, discounts, or refer-a-friend promotions, be sure you make doing business with your something that is beneficial to them on as many levels as you can.

Build Trust

You’ll want to establish trust right off the bat. Mention businesses who recommend your services or the fact you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Whatever it is that makes you shine with nobility, use it.

Personalize Your Message

Don’t be afraid to get personal. If you are selling security alarm systems, let the residents know how many local houses have been burglarized in the past year. If you are offering electrical services, mention fires that have been the result of faulty wiring in the nearby areas. Whatever it is you are selling or what service you are offering, find a way to make it personal to those who will be receiving your flyer.

Emotional Level

Appeal to your audience on an emotional level. Make them happy that you are there to provide them with a product. Make them feel relieved that they can count on you for a service. The more you can draw your reader in on an emotional level, the more business you’ll have – bottom line.


You don’t have to be a professional printer to make your flyers look as if you are one. You can follow some guidelines and have an excellent product that you put together yourself.

You can also enlist the service of a full-service print shop and get expert help on your product. The pros know the best paper, folds, fonts, color palettes, and other details that are the best fit for your cause.

Don’t hesitate to use a template if you aren’t familiar with formatting flyers. That is what they are designed for – amateurs that want to look professional.

Don’t Limit Yourself

There’s nothing that says you have to only canvas the neighborhoods that have had big turnovers. Why not include the entire area you are in? No one should be left out. You can put out a mass mailer by simply following the instructions at the post office or mail handling facility of your choice.

Another option is to hire help to get the flyers out is the door-to-door method. Unless you are up to getting some serious exercise. The personal touch of delivering them is a nice touch even when it’s not you who is delivering them.

Even if your town hasn’t experienced the recent shake-up, mailing flyers lets the neighborhood residents know that you are still out there and that you care enough to remind them. It’s a good thing for potential customers in your vicinity to hear from you and to see your logo and branding on the flyer. Even if you don’t see immediate results, successful marketing causes potential customers to become real-life customers…eventually because your message and your brand sticks in their minds.

Next Day Flyers Los Angeles

When you are ready to attract new business by getting flyers out, it’s nice to know you can turn to next day flyers in Los Angeles for speedy and accurate service. Even if you’re calling at the last minute, you don’t have to stress, you’ll have your flyers in no time, and you can market your new neighbors and enjoy the successful results.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the EDDM services and excellent flyer printing from Printing Fly.

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