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Using Cold Foil Business Card Printing for Your Company

Foil Business Card PrintingCold foiling is a fast and cost effective way to produce the same stunning affects as hot foil stamping. Printing inline foil business cards will add a unique and personal touch to your designs leaving your business cards to stand out on their own. Cold foil allows for many design benefits such as a wide spectrum of colors and is very cost-efficient. Cold foil has options for many applications over small and large areas and has flexibility with fine details and also producing half tones.

The process of cold foiling uses Akuafoil, which does not use metal dies, post press foil applications or outsourcing. This creates a cost effective method of foiling and is also great for our planet because of its biodegradable and recycled properties.

These are a few tips to consider when using cold foil business card printing for your company.

Cold foil cannot be used for embossing.

•    The surface sensitivity of cold foiling, it is challenging to use halftones or its printing screen. You can combine hot foil stamping to create an embossed look and depth to you design without losing the design itself.

Avoid using dark elements in your design.

•    Cold foiling has difficulty during the transferring process and can change the desired results if dark elements are too dark for the process to detect. The darkness of colors can take away from the overall affect of cold foil and will not help you business cards stand out as strongly as they could.

Use smooth surfaces.

•    By using uncoated or absorbent materials, the cold foil effect will not be created. Using smooth cards stock will create a bolder and more holographic metallic effect on your business cards. Also adding an overall metallic finish to be used as a laminate will create a unique finish to your business cards.

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