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Top Things to know about EDDM Postcard Printing and Mailers in Los Angeles

If you are considering mailing flyers or other marketing material, you are probably overwhelmed with the process of doing the mailings yourself. Now you can turn to USPS’ EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to take the stress out of the mailing procedure and not have to stress over all the rules and regulations because they have been simplified.

EDDM services offer a very effective and efficient way to get marketing material out to a targeted audience. While the operation of mailing material in bulk used to be a nightmare, it’s now a dream come true for businesses that want the perks of mass mailing without the headaches.

How EDDM Mailers and printing Works

The first part of the process is getting your flyers, postcards, or menus planned, formatted, and printed.

The second step involves choosing an area, income level, demographic, or any other specific niche you’d like. You are not limited to just one area. USPS has a tool to help you determine the area and other specifics.

Best of all, a mailing list is not required in order to target certain sectors. Simply designate an audience such as higher-income, new residents, and so forth and USPS tends to distribution for you.

You will also choose a date for the material to be delivered. Simply drop your postcards, flyers, or menus off and they’ll go out on the date you have designated.

Why Market by Direct Mail in Los Angeles?

There is a myriad of reasons to take advantage of direct mail. It is the ideal way to target your audience and to be assured your material falls into their hands, unlike when you place an ad in a newspaper or on social media. You never know who, if anyone is reading it.

While radio and television ads can run thousands of dollars, mailers don’t. Even when you pay for EDDM services and maybe even incorporate some hired help in getting your content on, you’ll come out financially better than many other means of advertising and…you’ll reach your chosen ones and in a location like Los Angeles, that is priceless.

Another bonus to EDDM services is that statistics show that practically everyone at least sifts through their mail. If your material catches their attention, they are likely to look it over, increasing your chance for a sale.

EDDM Details (Every Door Direct Mail)

Bulk mailing has been around for decades. EDDM, however, is a relatively newer service on the scene. While in the past, mailers were complicated to put out due to the hassles of the old bulk mailing process, such is not the case any longer.

EDDM is a simplified method to bulk-rate-mail that’s offered by the United State’s Postal Service. It allows for the marketing of your business via postcards, menus, or flyers to certain specified areas at a much more affordable rate than buying postage stamps would be or even than the rates of bulk mailing.

One of the best benefits of EDDM services is that you can mail your postcards, flyers, or menus out to local routes or specific addresses and can send the cards to certain people rather than the old system of bulk mailing when those options weren’t available.

Along with saving time and money, you aren’t forced to buy into a mailing list like you were with the old bulk mail method.

The History of EDDM Mailers

The U.S. Postal Service founded EDDM in an effort to promote business mail and also to save businesses money in doing so. Since their launch, USPS has conducted studies on their method and found that 54% of people tried a new business within the past six months because they received a piece of mail that USPS delivered.

A postage permit is not required to mail EDDM material as is with bulk mailing. Postcards can even be extra-long without an upcharge. Businesses can choose the exact date they wish to have the material mailed out.

Thousands have turned to EDDM to get their marketing mailed. Full service EDDM printing is offered by printshops.

Two EDDM Services to Choose From

Because businesses are not all the same nor are they all the same size, USPS has two EDDM services to choose from.
EDDM Retail is designed to meet the needs of small business. It doesn’t require a permit to mail the flyers, postcards, or menus. Up to 5,000 pieces of mail per day are allowed per drop off.

EDDM BMEU (Business Entry Mail Unit) is centered around larger businesses with high volume mailing lists. Over 5,000 pieces of mail a day is considered large volume. With EDDM MBEU, there is not limit on the amount of mailers that can be sent out on a daily basis.

EDDM Content

One of the most important things to consider when using a postcard, flyer, or menu to market is the size. You’ll want to make your message grab your reader’s attention but don’t put too much on in the small space. White space surrounding the focal point of the page will help set it apart and emphasize it. Use colors and fonts that are consistent with your branding and be sure your copy is error-free and to the point. Don’t hesitate to use a template if you are not confident in your design abilities.

Who Should Use EDDM?

If you have material to mail that can be printed on postcards, flyers, or in menu-style, you may want to consider using EDDM if you have at least 3,000 pieces going out. It is suitable for many small businesses because it expands your reach of advertising at a much lower rate. It is especially useful to businesses that would like to target their marketing.

Printing for EDDM

When printing material for EDDM services, it’s helpful to use a print shop like, Printing Fly in Los Angeles, that specializes in the EDDM process and who is compliant with the specifications USPS has put into place regarding the size, paper weight, and indicia placement. You certainly would not want to end up with a big batch of unusable postcards, flyers, or menus so be sure the print shop you choose is an EDDM expert.

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