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Matte Business Card

The Many Benefits Of Matte Business Card Printing

Matte Business CardMatte business cards give off a subtle elegant touch that enhances the overall quality of your business cards. Matte lamination does create a protective coating around your business card however, not the same type of protection as a gloss finish would. A bit of an investment must go into printing matte business cards but that investment will be well worth it when it comes to standing out from your competition and gaining customer loyalty.

Luxurious Matte Finishes

Not to be mistaken by office lamination where two sheets of plastic cover a single sheet of paper. Matte lamination is a finish that is coated onto the business cards that add a smooth and soft feel. Using a silk matte finish will add extra luxury to your business cards creating the same feeling as delicate satin or silk. The matte finish helps light to reflect from the ink on the business card to enhance the overall look of the card. A benefit to matte business cards is that they can be easily written on. Any standard pen can easily write upon the matte business card, which can ensure that any notes or additional information can be written directly onto the card when handing it to a potential client or customer.

Another benefit of using matte business cards is their versatility. You have the option to laminate one side or double side your matte business cards to add a more unique and individual look to your business card.  This will create a sophisticated and eye catching look and keep the receiver looking at both sides of your business card.  The look and feel of matte business cards are preferred by most because of their sleek and silky design. To successfully stand out in today’s business market, you must consider every aspect of your business even the small ones like matte finished business cards.

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