Why Political Yard Signs Are a Good Idea

The designing, purchasing, and distributing of political yard signs is sometimes a very tedious task for campaign staffers and political consultants, but the process can go much more smoothly with the proper attitude. Many people wonder if yard signs truly make a difference in the overall campaign. Some might even consider them a terrible waste of financial resources. Yet yard signs are always a vital component to the success of any political campaign. Here are some reasons why political yard signs are so successful. Political Yard Signs Help Boost Name Recognition Like it or not, we all look to others for social cues on how to behave, especially when it comes to voting for a political candidate. Yard signs are a perfect way for the average citizen to demonstrate their support for an individual candidate or political cause. The strategic placement of the signs is more important than the actual number of signs on display across the community. Most studies show that political yard signs offer the highest levels of results when we place them in neighborhoods where the candidate’s name recognition is the lowest. Encourage Financial Support Many political candidates us yard signs as a way to encourage financial contributions to the campaign. Before giving away a yard sign, ask for a small financial donation and collect the recipient’s contact information. You might even tell your supporters that you are quickly running out of signs due to high demand. People are always willing to do more when the free-giveaway is an exclusive commodity. Ask them to participate in social media engagement or volunteering for the campaign in some regard. Involving members of the community helps spread the word. Get your Foot in the Door People like consistency in their life. Start out by asking for a small financial contribution. This gets your foot in the door so that you can ask for a larger amount in future weeks of the campaign. People are always more willing to give another higher financial donation when they have already contributed in the past. A successful campaign is largely a numbers game. The number of signs placed in the best locations, the numbers of financial contributions, and the numbers of people spreading the word about your candidate or political cause are very important factors. Never underestimate the value of creatively designed political yard signs.