Glossy Business Cards

Glossy Business Cards Outshines Every Type Of Business Card

If your business wants to create a look with bright colors, quality photos, and crisp logo designs for your company business cards then glossy business cards will fulfill all the expectations you are looking for. Uncoated business cards lack any interesting qualities. Receiving a plain black and white business card will not leave a memorable impression and your business card will be lost among the many other cards in your market. Not only will glossy business cards help you business stand out, it creates a durable finish that can survive water or tears for years to come. Making your business card a life long reference point for your customers to look to. Glossy business cards can also be modified to fit your business needs. If you want to have the option to write directly onto the glossy business cards, leaving one side with a gloss cello glaze type finish will allow you to write easily onto one side of the card while still keeping the glossy effect on part of the business card. To add an extra effect with a functional twist is by using a high gloss finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. This will allow you to write easily on the matte finished side while still making an lasting impression with the gloss finished side for your business cards. With uncoated business cards, ink absorbs into the card itself, which makes it more difficult to create crisp and sharp designs during printing. Glossy business cards allow for sharper images and brighter logo designs to be produced once printing has begun. Most paper stocks are porous and will soak up water and other moisture when exposed to it and it is best to keep that in mind when choosing card stocks for your business cards.