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Rush Sticker Printing: Mastering the Sticky Subject of Marketing

When you’re ready to scale your business, it’s time to look out of the box for solutions. While business cards and social media ads may be helping promote your company, you may need to add a fresh, new idea to the mix too.

Advertising that Sticks

Stickers are one of the most effective forms of advertising in today’s market. Stickers have the reputation of being worthy of gracing the fridges, car dashboard, bathroom mirrors, and even laptops. Why? Because they are too good to toss in the trash so you have to do something with them, especially if they are well designed.

Once a sticker has a spot to dwell, it’s there for a long time – maybe forever. Each time someone sees it, a subliminal message travels to their brain. The Joe’s Coffee Shop sticker on a laptop reminds the viewer that coffee is tasty and caffeinated. Once it appeals to the senses, the viewer subconsciously decides it’s time for a cup of joe. And what better place to get it than Joe’s Coffee Shop?

Advertising is a curious thing. Done right, you can market your wares or services in ways that seem too good to be true. You can send messages to the minds of your customers and potential customers simply by using a certain color palette or specific fonts.

While business cards and flyers have their place in advertising, noting takes the cake like a sticker does. Once stuck, it’s there to stay as long as it’s high quality.

Carefully Considering Your Marketing Stickers

When planning your business stickers, you’ll want to plan the process. If your business or product has been branded, what is its identity? What mood is represented? Is it a fun product that is exciting? Perhaps your mood is more somber, like a funeral home owner. Regardless of what story your brand is telling, it’s a good idea to know it and to be consistent in your marketing. Don’t pop off as being funny if your mood is serious across the board. You’ll confuse your audience. Likewise, if your mood is fun and funny or cute and catchy, don’t get all serious and sentimental all of the sudden. Follow through with your brand’s identity in mood and in color, font, and graphics. Your customers will appreciate that you did.

In a Rush?

So you’ve got a corporate meeting tomorrow and you fully intended to have stickers made up that market your ingenious management idea. You were counting on the effect they would have on the entire crew when you passed them out shortly before your presentation. But you got busy and forgot to order them. Now, the impact you planned to make is a missed opportunity. Or…not.

Rush sticker printing has saved the day for many. You can still have the chance at being manager of the year. You can order stickers in time for the conference or for your boss’ birthday bash.

With same or next day service, your vision can become your reality. So, gather your idea and place your order now. You’ll often find that consultation is available as well.

If you live in the Los Angele area, Printing Fly has your back. We’ll get your rush sticker printing started right away and you’ll have them in your hands the same day.

What’s in Your Project?

If you have an important project that you want to make a good impression at, customized stickers can help. While it may seem too simple, it’s not. Stickers are ingenious because once they go on a mirror, laptop, car bumper, or wall, they won’t be coming down anytime soon.

One thing you want to be sure to do is to have your contact information on the sticker. That way, when your customer runs out of toner, you’re only a phone call away or when their computer begins to slow, they see your sticker and remember to call for a cleaning. Dentist stickers on the bathroom mirror remind patients to schedule a teeth cleaning.

The size and shape of your sticker matter too. A large sticker can be seen from afar and draws more attention than a small one does. But, if it’s too large to fit in the spots they’d normally be placed in, you may have defeated your purpose.

Bright, happy colors represent fun times. If you are a party planner, primary colors might be perfect. But, if you are a mortician, you might want to tone your color choices down a few notches.

Classical businesses such as formal event catering, do well in black and white but you’ll want to skip the gothic font you’d likely use to advertise a new Dungeons and Dragon gaming club.

By matching your sticker creation choices to your brand identity, you’ll be further instilling what your product or service is all about. Think about it, execute it, and order it. While rush printing is available, it’s impossible to order in time if you order after the event has already taken place.

Powerful Presentation

Whether your stickers are for an office celebration or special event or to pass out to customers and potential customers, stickers have a lot of power. User it well. Stickers say much about the effort you went to for your favorite co-worker’s promotion or your boss’ retirement party. Stickers are evidence that you took the time to bring your idea to life.

Well-designed stickers speak volumes to your clients too. They present an air of professionalism. Print a message thanking your customers for their business or create them to bring in new business. By determining the purpose that you want to use your stickers for, you’ll create a product that gets the job done.

Rush Sticker Printing

If you are needing a rush sticker printing order and live in the Los Angeles are, Fly Printing is your one-stop-shop. Order same or next day. We even deliver so let’s get started on your sticky masterpiece.

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