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Spot UV business card printing

Have Your Business Stand Out with Spot UV Business Card Printing

Spot UV business card printingTo make flashy business cards with a high-class feel, UV Business Card Printing is a great option to have certain parts of your business card coated in a gloss, matte, or aqueous finish. Spot UV creates a concentrated gloss coating that is dried with UV rays on to specific areas instead of flooding the entire surface with UV rays. Spot UV is a great way to help images or texts stand out against the background of a business card and can highlight unique features, which brings that viewers attention straight to it.

Creating a Spot UV File

Different print shops have different expectations when it comes to compatible files types. The most common format is a 100% black and white bit map format and along with a full color print file. However, these formats differ between printers that some may prefer AI, PDF, or InDesign files therefore it is best to check what format your printer prefers before sending the file.

3 Types of Spot UV

1.    On-Design

Creating a Spot UV file that directly matches the position of a logo or text is an On-Design Spot UV. This will enhance the reds, blacks, and other colors and will draw the attention to your text.

2.    Off-Design

Targeting only subtle text, logos, shapes, and silhouettes that don’t match with the color printed area creates an Off-Design Spot UV. This is a great way to enhance the black effects or negative space to look sharp and intense and create a whole new design.

3.    Texture

By adding a pattern, shape, or other effect you can create texturized Spot UV that will not only be interesting to look at but will stimulate the recipient as they hold it in their hands. Texture is an interesting way to add elegance to the negative space in your design.

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