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Flawless Embossing Business Card Printing in 5 Steps

Embossed buisness card printingEmbossing Business Card Printing involves creating a small impression or indent by using a metal tool that is pressed into the cards. Embossing is great for text, logos, and patterns you want embellished, however, some features are not suitable to be embossed and can lead to a disaster of a business card.

Here are 5 ways to avoid mistakes when it comes to embossing your business cards.

1.    Use embossing as a separate design element

If you emboss specifically over a design element such as a logo, the embossed effect will be lost under the design and the logo will lose its visual design as well.

2.    Don’t go to thin when embossing

Shapes or patterns with 1mm will produce the best results when it comes to embossing. Going any finer will make the imprint disappear within the card and will not leave the impression you were hoping for.

3.    Make it bold

Use your company name or slogan to create an impact for the viewer when embossing. Using tiny text or subheadings will not produce the desired affect of embossing and leave your card underwhelmed. Remember to consider font choices when planning to emboss your business cards. Small fonts with serifs can be difficult to read when embossed.

4.    Always remember the back

Embossing leaves an indent on to the front of the card but you must also remember the back will debossed and leaves an indentation as well. Make sure to consider the back of the card when planning on embossing so that your card will not lose any information or fluidity of its design.

5.    Stick to a color scheme

Using one or two colors in your color scheme will create contrast within you design and help the embossed elements standout. This will give your embossed business cards a modern and refined look that will be sure to leave a memorable impression.

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