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Are Brochures Still a Relevant Way to Market Services in Los Angeles?

While digital advertising is an excellent method for advertising your service company in Los Angeles, there’s a value to the personal touch of a brochure that can’t be digitally matched. In a city as large and competitive as LA, you need as many creative marketing resources as possible. Read on to find out how to master the fine art of brochure printing Los Angeles.

Facts and Statistics about Brochure Printing

After reading a brochure and printed ads about products in a store, 83% of all people visit the store. Of those, many purchase items they saw in the brochure.

Brochures are the number one marketing influencers when it comes to the travel industry. Along with maps and guides, they help tourists find their way and inform themof attractions, restaurants, and drinking establishments.

A whopping 95% of people polled by Brently University said that they were more aware of branding after reading a company’s brochure. Eighty-two percent of internet users still make purchase decisions based on printed material.

The facts are stats back it up. Marketing through the use of brochures is smart business.

Why are Brochures Right for Service Businesses in Los Angeles?

Brochures are a personal way to do business. While having information online is imperative in the digital age in which we live, handing a customer a printed brochure you took the time to make and have printed at a quality Los Angeles print shop says so much about you as a business owner and about your business. You are earning trust and if you are offering a service at your business, especially in a large city like LA, you need all the trust you can get.

In addition, when you make your brochure, you are stamping it with your brand. Brands are ways to identify your service business. A logo is a symbol that is easily recognized and is associated with your business alone because it is your unique symbol. The color choices of your branding also identify and speak for your brand. There are certain colors that represent trust and professionalism that are good to use on your service company brand identity. A brochure gets your brand out in front of the public, Years down the road when a homeowner has an electrical issue or a water leak, who do you think will come to mind? You! The results of marketing through the use of brochures isn’t always immediate, but they can be counted on.

Benefits of Brochures in the Los Angeles Service Industry

Brochures are an excellent way to market your service business in Los Angeles. Reasons include:

1. Brochures set you apart. There are presently 52,613 service businesses in Los Angeles. Competition is stiff. You have to stand out in the crowd. A well-orchestrated, nicely designed brochure will help do that for you.

2. Capture attention. These days, people are distracted and in a hurry. You have seconds to captivate their attention, or you won’t get it at all. Brochures give you the chance to put a document in the hands of your audience and if it looks interesting enough, you’ll grab their attention and possibly, their business too.

3. Build trust. The crime rate in Los Angeles is twice as high as most other large cities. People are on the defensive and rightfully so. When you are able to provide potential customers with a brochure that has your name, the name and location of your business, and other identifiable information on it, you’ve earned trust. Simply stating those things online isn’t near as reputable as having it on a hard copy in black and white.

4. Introduce your service. A brochure gives you the opportunity to tell people about the services you offer. If you’ve added a new service, you can inform your customers of it by adding it to your brochure or by making a brochure up on the extra service alone. You’ll be able to add images and content to make the service or services you offer sound as awesome as they are.

5. Explain your service. Not everyone knows what all an electrician does. Furthermore, you may do some things most other electricians don’t do such as hanging Christmas lights or retrofitting lighting. Do you work in the commercial field, residential field, or do you do both? The details of your service make excellent content for your brochure and don’t forget to add in some interesting and informative images.

6. Introduce yourself. What are you about? What is your mission statement and what is your passion? The more you share with your potential customers and existing customers about yourself, the stronger your relationship will be with them.

7. Establish your brand identity. A brand identity gives life to a company. It establishes a clear-cut story about it and gives it personality. Bringing out your brand identity onto a brochure sets in stone the personality of your business so people can connect with it. That’s how customers are gained, and loyal customers are obtained. Working with a printing establishment in LA that is knowledgeable about brand identity is priceless sod be sure to choose a printing service that does.

8. Distribution is easy. Brochures are a cinch to distribute. You can mail them but most service companies keep them available at the front desk or physically pass them out.

9. Cost-effective. Brochures are a budget-friendly form of marketing your business. It also lets you target your audience which saves a ton of money because you don’t spend fund on marketing those who your business doesn’t serve.

10. Informative. Brochures hold lots of information. If you craft your words creatively, you can give a plethora of information in a small space. Be sure not to crowd the text though. Use plenty of white space too. Say what you can in as few words as possible, leaving out the fluff and filler and you’ll do well.

11. Great results. Brochure marketing for small service companies in Los Angeles works. The results have been proven.

Full-Service Brochure Printing Los Angeles

If you are looking for a printer who is a professional, willing to go the extra mile to help customers format and print the perfect brochure, Printing Fly is the place to go. You’ll be treated with respect and you’ll find that the staff is always helpful and friendly and the printed products are always amazing.

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