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8 Tips for Successful Yard Sign Printing

Yard Sign PrintingAn important marketing tool that should not be over looked is Yard Signs, especially by small businesses. Yard Sign printing is not out of date or a waste of money. These signs are proven to work and if they didn’t, people would stop using them. Placing these yard signs in the right area is the key to successful yard sign marketing.

Here are 8 basic rules when it comes to marketing using Yard Sign Printing.

1. Single sided signs.

Smaller yard signs can rarely be placed to face both sides of traffic. You can save money by using a single sided sign and purchase double the amount you would spend on double sided signs.

2. Noticeable Colors.

Using black and blue or yellow and orange will blend the message together and the information will not stand out. Use one dark color and one light color. Contrasting colors will let your text stand out and be legible from any distance.

3. Keep it Simple.

Two line messages with a direction are the most successful yard signs. Oncoming traffic does not have time to a long messy message. Do not include an address only if the sign will be placed in a large intersection.

4. Arrows.

If you are advertising a location such as open house or garage sale do not put a long confusing address. Use arrows to point in the direction of your location or event.

5. Only use your logo if it’s recognizable.

Yard signs are used to gain new customers and they will not recognize just a logo. Give the reader a call to action and how to get a hold of you.

6. Open Fonts.

Use fonts like Arial or Verdana because they are easily read and noticeable. Fancy fonts will only get lost from a distance and fast oncoming traffic.

7. Utilize White Space.

The more white space the better. Do not waste space but keep enough space that your message is not lost or difficult to read.

8. Bigger is Better.

Larger letters means more visibility from greater distances. The smaller the size the less likely it will be seen by on coming traffic going greater than 25 mph. Invest in a bigger sign to get your moneys worth.

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