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5 Top Uses for Custom Same Day Rush Sticker Printing in Los Angeles

Adding a custom sticker is like icing on the cake. Unfortunately, it’s at the last minute when we realize a sticker would have topped a gift off – or been just the touch your homemade wine bottles needed for an upper-edge over the competition. That’s when you need a rush sticker printing service.

The Joy (and Value) of Stickers

Ever since stickers were invented in the 1880s, people have been fascinated with them. From labeling jam and jelly jars with them to appealing advertising merchandise, stickers are both practical and pleasurable. There’s even a National Sticker Day which happens to be January 13.

Customized stickers are even more amazing than regular stickers are There’s almost no limit to what they can be used for when you can have anything you want printed on them. Personalized stickers can be fun and funny, cute and clever, sentimental, sarcastic, informative, or celebratory. They are the perfect reflection of what you are experiencing whether it’s a party or event, a memorial, a cause, or simply something you’d like to state.

Here are five fabulous ideas for custom stickers.

Special Events

If you’ve ever planned a birthday, wedding, or holiday event, you know customized stickers are popular attractions. Wedding favors are more personal when they are adorned with the bride and groom’s name on it. Baby showers with baby’s name on them and gender reveal stickers making the big announcement are amazing and fun too. Themed stickers on party supplies make the decorations pop and a customized family reunion stickers become treasured keepsakes. Customized stickers at events say that you cared enough to go the extra mile to make the event incredibly special. You can bet they will be noticed and appreciated.

Craft Shows

Not only do customized stickers make products at a craft show stand out from the crowd, but the merchandise they grace also have a better chance of selling. Here’s why – many people purchase crafts to give as gifts such Christmas presents, birthday gifts, wedding presents, etc. A home crafted item that has a customized sticker looks nicer and has a personal touch that makes it ideal to gift. If you sell crafts and aren’t a believer, try items with and without stickers at your next show. You’ll soon see shoppers gravitate to the ones with “the icing” on them. Furthermore, you can include your contact information for marketing purposes and who knows who all will end up giving you a call to place an order. The sky is the limit.

Brand Awareness

Branding your company means to give it an identity and a personality all its own. The color palette, the font size and style, and of course, the graphics, all work together to set your product or service apart from the clutter. Logos are designed to represent your brand. They project professionalism, subconsciously earn customer trust, and above all – they are meant to be recognizable, so your customer chooses your brand initially and recognizes and picks it from then on. What better way to get your brand on center stage than to present a sticker, customized with your company logo or message on it? The more imaginative and creative you get, the better. A well-designed sticker captivates attention and sticks in the mind of your customer (or potential customer). And…it also sticks on their desk, laptop, treadmill, bike, bumper, or bathroom mirror. After all, who in their right mind would ever throw a sticker away?

Supporting “The Cause”

Whether you’re organizing a race for cancer research in honor of your aunt or are raising money for the homeless or any other worthy cause, stickers make a statement and make your cause public. With custom stickers, you are able to add the details that really matter such as your aunt’s name or the homeless shelter you are raising funds for. You can order save the date stickers for a wedding or anniversary party, complete with all the information you would put on an invitation. People are more likely to contribute to and support a cause that is well-orchestrated and professional and having stickers definitely denote that you are legitimate and devoted. Political stickers, charity event stickers, and environmental protests and opinions have graced our lives for years. If you look around, you probably still have a few.

Cute and Clever

Sometimes, the situation just fits and the snappy little saying or comeback you have in your head would be so much funnier or more effective if it was plastered on a sticker. Sure, you could go grab some generic ones, but having a custom sticker made just says it so much better. Imagine the look on your employees face when you announce her big promotion by decorating her office in “Congrats on your move to room 305” or “Jane Doe, Personnel Manager”. Or, if you’re looking for a unique way to pop the big question, get really creative and stick it to her.

There are a million uses for customized stickers. I’m sure you can think of a few of your own. When you do, be sure to order because a good idea is exactly that unless you take action.

The Joy and Convenience of Rush 24 Hour Sticker Printing in Los Angeles

Sometimes, as we’re planning an event or getting ready for the holidays, we’re too busy with the basics to even think of the extras. It’s usually the day before that those creative ideas begin to flood your mind with, “I wish I had…” By then, it’s too late. Or…maybe not.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered with all the options you need to customize the perfect sticker. You’ll find a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors and a wide variety of material choices too. We work alongside of you to make sure your sticker order is exactly what you have in mind.

Talk about quick! If the idea of custom stickers doesn’t hit you until the day before your big event, no worries. At Printing Fly, we specialize is Los Angeles rush sticker printing. We’ll exceed your expectations…guaranteed.

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