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3 Secrets About EDDM Mailers

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an affordable and efficient form of bulk-rate mail offered by the U.S. Postal Service. The wonderful thing about EDDM is that it allows businesses from a wide range of industries to market their business by mailing postcards or flyers at a much lower rate compared to postage stamps and bulk rate mail.  EDDM allows you to target specific neighborhoods and send mail to potential customers via carrier routes without the need for names or street addresses. Whether you want to target local routes throughout a city, state, or even nationwide, EDDM is a great way to market your business, save money, and never have to worry about purchasing a mailing list. In this blog, we will dive into some of the three secrets about EDDM mailers and how they can benefit your business. 1. No need for names or addresses One of the many great things about EDDM is the fact that you will never need to purchase a mailing list, meaning there is no need for names or addresses. You can still send postcards or flyers to any specific area that you wish, as long as it is along the carrier route. You can even choose a certain demographic that you wish to send to based on age, household size, and income. Using the USPS EDDM Tool, you can target any area you’d like–whether it’s throughout a city, state, or even nationwide. You can even choose the specific date that you’d like for your postcards or flyers to be mailed. Additionally, EDDM doesn’t limit you to just one area. You can choose any area that you’d like along the carrier route, getting the most out of your marketing campaign. The USPS EDDM Tool makes it easy for you to choose the neighborhoods that you’d like to send the postcards or flyers to. Simply choose the carrier route using the USPS EDDM Tool and our team can help create the design and deliver them to you. Next, drop the cards off at the post office and they will deliver them for you. At Printing Fly, our team has extensive experience in providing EDDM services in Los Angeles. You can count on our team to provide you with the help you need to find new customers, build more traffic, and increase your revenue! 2. A postage permit is not required for EDDM Retail EDDM Retail is ideal for small businesses and doesn’t require a postage permit. This means that there are no mail preparation costs, you do not need to purchase a mailing list, and you don’t need to print names or addresses. When using EDDM Retail, you can drop off up to 5,000 pieces of mail a day at your local post office. As a result, you are saving time and money that you can put into other aspects of your business.  Another important factor to mention is that you can even mail extra-large, versatile postcards at no additional cost, allowing you to have plenty of room for your marketing message. There are many ways to make your postcard or flyer stand out, such as including a special offer, providing more in-depth information about the business, and more. Our team at Printing Fly can help create a unique and eye-catching postcard or flyer and ensure that it is compliant with USPS requirements.  3. EDDM is perfect for a wide range of industries Another advantage of EDDM is the fact that a wide range of businesses can use this for their marketing efforts. Here are some examples of different industries that can benefit from EDDM: Retail Restaurants Auto dealerships Auto repair Attorneys Medical professionals (doctors, dentists, and other specialists) Health clinics and hospitals Dry cleaners Realtors Mortgage companies Contractors and other home services Gyms and fitness centers Florists Moving and storage services Salons and spas Political campaigns CPA’s and tax preparation Insurance agents And many more Contact Us For Your EDDM Needs If you are a business owner, EDDM may be the perfect way to market your business. One of the many great things about EDDM is the fact that you are saving a lot of time, money, and stress in your marketing efforts. Our team at Printing Fly is here to help you every step of the way, to ensure that your marketing campaign is unique and eye-catching to potential customers.  If you want to find new customers, build more traffic to your business, and increase your revenue, then EDDM may be the perfect solution for your business. With years of experience of helping businesses through EDDM, you can expect nothing but the best when working with our team. We understand the importance of providing exceptional service and you can count on our team to be completely familiar and compliant with the USPS EDDM requirements, ensuring no hiccups along the way. To learn more about how our team at Printing Fly can help you boost your business, contact us today to get started!