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7 Ways to Make Holiday Shipping Easier

Shipping during the holidays may seem daunting and expensive. Make sending holiday gifts easy by keeping in mind these tips. 1. Purchase something easy to mail When purchasing a gift that will be shipped, keep in mind that it will need to withstand travel. Choose gifts that won’t break, like shoes or clothes. Keep in mind that heavy gifts may also cost more to ship. Select lighter gifts if you know you’ll be shipping on a budget. 2. Use a strong box The best way to protect any gift for shipping is to use a proper box. You want the shipping box to be sturdy so that its contents remain safe. The box should also be a small amount larger than the gift so that there is room for protective cushioning. 3. Use the right cushioning Use strong cushioning to protect gifts that are more fragile. Strong packaging materials might be more expensive, but if they are thinner than the cheaper options you may be able to save on the size of the box. 4. Make sure it doesn’t shake The cushioning between the gift and the box should be enough to keep the gift in place. If the gift shakes around inside the box, it is more likely to get damaged. There should be protective materials on all sides of the gift so that it doesn’t move around during shipping. 5. Buy insurance or declare value The post office offers insurance for Priority Mail Express packages. With other shipping companies, you can declare a value on your package. Another option is to have your gift packaged by a shipping store. Your package will be protected if it gets damaged or lost. 6. Find the best price Compare shipping prices to make sure you are getting the best deal. To save on heavy gifts, find a fixed price box. The price is set and won’t get more expensive because of the weight. 7. Have a tracking number Getting a tracking number for your package will reduce the stress of knowing when the gift will actually arrive. You will be able to see where the package goes and when it’s scheduled to be delivered. It will be easy for the recipient to know when they should be expecting the gift.