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July 2015

Matte Business Card

The Many Benefits Of Matte Business Card Printing

Matte business cards give off a subtle elegant touch that enhances the overall quality of your business cards. Matte lamination does create a protective coating around your business card however, not the same type of protection as a gloss finish would. A bit of an investment must go into printing matte business cards but that investment will be well worth it when it comes to standing out from your competition and gaining customer loyalty. Luxurious Matte Finishes Not to be mistaken by office lamination where two sheets of plastic cover a single sheet of paper. Matte lamination is a finish that is coated onto the business cards that add a smooth and soft feel. Using a silk matte finish will add extra luxury to your business cards creating the same feeling as delicate satin or silk. The matte finish helps light to reflect from the ink on the business card to enhance the overall look of the card. A benefit to matte business cards is that they can be easily written on. Any standard pen can easily write upon the matte business card, which can ensure that any notes or additional information can be written directly onto the card when handing it to a potential client or customer. Another benefit of using matte business cards is their versatility. You have the option to laminate one side or double side your matte business cards to add a more unique and individual look to your business card.  This will create a sophisticated and eye catching look and keep the receiver looking at both sides of your business card.  The look and feel of matte business cards are preferred by most because of their sleek and silky design. To successfully stand out in today’s business market, you must consider every aspect of your business even the small ones like matte finished business cards.

Glossy Business Cards

Glossy Business Cards Outshines Every Type Of Business Card

If your business wants to create a look with bright colors, quality photos, and crisp logo designs for your company business cards then glossy business cards will fulfill all the expectations you are looking for. Uncoated business cards lack any interesting qualities. Receiving a plain black and white business card will not leave a memorable impression and your business card will be lost among the many other cards in your market. Not only will glossy business cards help you business stand out, it creates a durable finish that can survive water or tears for years to come. Making your business card a life long reference point for your customers to look to. Glossy business cards can also be modified to fit your business needs. If you want to have the option to write directly onto the glossy business cards, leaving one side with a gloss cello glaze type finish will allow you to write easily onto one side of the card while still keeping the glossy effect on part of the business card. To add an extra effect with a functional twist is by using a high gloss finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. This will allow you to write easily on the matte finished side while still making an lasting impression with the gloss finished side for your business cards. With uncoated business cards, ink absorbs into the card itself, which makes it more difficult to create crisp and sharp designs during printing. Glossy business cards allow for sharper images and brighter logo designs to be produced once printing has begun. Most paper stocks are porous and will soak up water and other moisture when exposed to it and it is best to keep that in mind when choosing card stocks for your business cards.

Silk Business Cards

Why Silk Business Cards Have the Ultimate Touch For Businesses

Silk business cards can add a touch of elegance to any business brand when making that important first impression. The laminate coating over each silk business card creates a matte finish while still offering durability. Vivid colors and sharp designs will make your logo or information standout on silk business cards.   Practicality of Silk Business Cards Missing a valuable moment to network while searching for a scrap of paper to write on is no longer a fear when using silk business cards. One of the benefits of using silk business card printing is you can write directly on them. You can include important notes or names when handing out your silk business cards to potential clients for more assurance they receive all the information at that moment. Silk business cards are also waterproof making them last longer even if spills or saturation does occur. Enhancing Your Silk Business Cards Adding features such as foil printing or Spot UV printing to you silk business cards will leave a lasting impression in the hands of your potential customer. Changing the shape of your silk business cards can also create a memorable experience for customers. Rounding the corners or slimming the size will add to the price of your silk business cards but will be well worth the investment.  Using a die cut along with silk business card printing will enhance your business cards but do not go over board with features, keep it simple and sophisticated. Established businesses looking to invest more into their image should capitalize on silk business cards. Setting your company apart from the competition in any way possible will give your business more customers and grow your network larger. Having standout silk business cards will help you create long lasting relationships with customers and potential clients over you competition.

Plastic business card printing

4 Advantages of Plastic Business Card Printing

First impressions are very important for any business and your business card is your first impression as a company. Plastic business cards are not only stunning visually; they are durable and will last longer than standard paper cards. Plastic cards have a variety of different uses and now can be used to create memorable business cards that are both affordable and available for many businesses. There are many advantages to using plastic business cards. 4 important advantages include: 1.    Innovative Design The printing quality on to plastic is highly detailed and the design of your card can say a lot about your company and its values.  The colors on plastic are deep and rich and provide a very detailed design that will last for a very long time.  The quality is incomparable to other cards and will leave a lasting impression. 2.    Variety of Uses Plastic cards can be used strictly for visual purposes or interactive. Customers can use the cards with machines or other technology to store or retrieve information about your business products or services. 3.    Environmentally Friendly Many plastic cards are made from recycled materials and reduce the waste of paper cards in our landfills. This is a great way for your company to become Eco-friendly and create a positive image in the eyes of your potential customers. 4.    Catering to Customer In our new tech savvy world, customers now have the ability to transfer information from plastic cards directly to their phones by using Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows recipients of your plastic business card to transfer the information from the card into their phones using a chip inside the card. This eases the risk of saving wrong information such as phone numbers and can customers can easily update the cards by using apps.

Metal business card printing

Why Use Metal Business Card Printing for Your Business

Nothing is more eye-catching and stylish than handing a metal business card to your potential customer. Metal business card printing is a bold way to make an impression on customers and set yourself apart from your competition. Before making the investment, here are some benefits of metal business cards. Metal Makes an Impression Handing a metal business card will make a huge impact for the recipient and invite them to become curious about your business. The unique design possibilities and texture and feel of the metal will leave an impression on the recipient. Metal will give you an edge over your competition and entice potential customers to learn more about your company. Metal is High Class If your company is lavish or upscale and want to display that image then metal business cards are a must. Metal offers different shades such as silver gold, rose, and even chrome to print on and can be customized to different sizes and shapes for the type of high-class feel you want for your business. Metal is Resilient Paper can be lost and ruined before any phone call is made. Metal business cards will last a lifetime and can also stand up against any weather or damage that may happen. As opposed to paper or plastic business cards, metal does not fade so lettering is clear and legible so no misspellings or errors occur. Metal is Customizable Portions of metal can be stamped out or raised to create unique designs.  You can use metal to emphasize creativity and design that will impress clients and future clients. People who have one of your metal business cards will show other potential customers the uniqueness of your company and will further grow you business and lead the competition.

Spot UV business card printing

Have Your Business Stand Out with Spot UV Business Card Printing

To make flashy business cards with a high-class feel, UV Business Card Printing is a great option to have certain parts of your business card coated in a gloss, matte, or aqueous finish. Spot UV creates a concentrated gloss coating that is dried with UV rays on to specific areas instead of flooding the entire surface with UV rays. Spot UV is a great way to help images or texts stand out against the background of a business card and can highlight unique features, which brings that viewers attention straight to it. Creating a Spot UV File Different print shops have different expectations when it comes to compatible files types. The most common format is a 100% black and white bit map format and along with a full color print file. However, these formats differ between printers that some may prefer AI, PDF, or InDesign files therefore it is best to check what format your printer prefers before sending the file. 3 Types of Spot UV 1.    On-Design Creating a Spot UV file that directly matches the position of a logo or text is an On-Design Spot UV. This will enhance the reds, blacks, and other colors and will draw the attention to your text. 2.    Off-Design Targeting only subtle text, logos, shapes, and silhouettes that don’t match with the color printed area creates an Off-Design Spot UV. This is a great way to enhance the black effects or negative space to look sharp and intense and create a whole new design. 3.    Texture By adding a pattern, shape, or other effect you can create texturized Spot UV that will not only be interesting to look at but will stimulate the recipient as they hold it in their hands. Texture is an interesting way to add elegance to the negative space in your design.

Embossed buisness card printing

Flawless Embossing Business Card Printing in 5 Steps

Embossing Business Card Printing involves creating a small impression or indent by using a metal tool that is pressed into the cards. Embossing is great for text, logos, and patterns you want embellished, however, some features are not suitable to be embossed and can lead to a disaster of a business card. Here are 5 ways to avoid mistakes when it comes to embossing your business cards. 1.    Use embossing as a separate design element If you emboss specifically over a design element such as a logo, the embossed effect will be lost under the design and the logo will lose its visual design as well. 2.    Don’t go to thin when embossing Shapes or patterns with 1mm will produce the best results when it comes to embossing. Going any finer will make the imprint disappear within the card and will not leave the impression you were hoping for. 3.    Make it bold Use your company name or slogan to create an impact for the viewer when embossing. Using tiny text or subheadings will not produce the desired affect of embossing and leave your card underwhelmed. Remember to consider font choices when planning to emboss your business cards. Small fonts with serifs can be difficult to read when embossed. 4.    Always remember the back Embossing leaves an indent on to the front of the card but you must also remember the back will debossed and leaves an indentation as well. Make sure to consider the back of the card when planning on embossing so that your card will not lose any information or fluidity of its design. 5.    Stick to a color scheme Using one or two colors in your color scheme will create contrast within you design and help the embossed elements standout. This will give your embossed business cards a modern and refined look that will be sure to leave a memorable impression.

Foil Business Card Printing

Using Cold Foil Business Card Printing for Your Company

Cold foiling is a fast and cost effective way to produce the same stunning affects as hot foil stamping. Printing inline foil business cards will add a unique and personal touch to your designs leaving your business cards to stand out on their own. Cold foil allows for many design benefits such as a wide spectrum of colors and is very cost-efficient. Cold foil has options for many applications over small and large areas and has flexibility with fine details and also producing half tones. The process of cold foiling uses Akuafoil, which does not use metal dies, post press foil applications or outsourcing. This creates a cost effective method of foiling and is also great for our planet because of its biodegradable and recycled properties. These are a few tips to consider when using cold foil business card printing for your company. Cold foil cannot be used for embossing. •    The surface sensitivity of cold foiling, it is challenging to use halftones or its printing screen. You can combine hot foil stamping to create an embossed look and depth to you design without losing the design itself. Avoid using dark elements in your design. •    Cold foiling has difficulty during the transferring process and can change the desired results if dark elements are too dark for the process to detect. The darkness of colors can take away from the overall affect of cold foil and will not help you business cards stand out as strongly as they could. Use smooth surfaces. •    By using uncoated or absorbent materials, the cold foil effect will not be created. Using smooth cards stock will create a bolder and more holographic metallic effect on your business cards. Also adding an overall metallic finish to be used as a laminate will create a unique finish to your business cards.

Die Cut Business Card Printing

The Facts about Die Cut Business Card Printing

Some businesses believe that using die cut business cards are only used for business that cater towards a entertaining or amusing market. However, these businesses that believe this are missing the opportunity to get ahead of their competition by using die cut business cards. Di cut business cards offer a large advantage over you competition; many of them are not using them. Companies tend to overlook the potential in die cut business card printing in fear of not being taken seriously in the market. However, here are the benefits of using die cut business cards for any business. Die cut business cards can profit any business. •    Whether you run a bakery or a financial firm, die cut business cards will set your business apart from the others. Die cut business cards have lots of versatility and can be cut into many shapes and can also make statements with subtle rounded edges. Die cut business cards are not tacky. •    Many businesses fear that using die cut business cards will ruin their brand image. Bad design is what can ruin your brand image. Using a die cut business card can grab attention immediately, which is something typical business cards cannot do. Die cut business cards are inexpensive. •    Many expert printing companies offer affordable die cut cards that can be customized to your design preferences.  Making the investment to gain exposure and value within your market is worth any price tag to ensure the success of your company. Die cut business cards help clients remember you. •    The instant attention made by die cut business cards will assist potential clients to remember your company and its products or service it provides rather than your competition with typical business cards. The better the first impression you make, the greater chance of making future sales are.

Yard Sign Printing

8 Tips for Successful Yard Sign Printing

An important marketing tool that should not be over looked is Yard Signs, especially by small businesses. Yard Sign printing is not out of date or a waste of money. These signs are proven to work and if they didn’t, people would stop using them. Placing these yard signs in the right area is the key to successful yard sign marketing. Here are 8 basic rules when it comes to marketing using Yard Sign Printing. 1. Single sided signs. Smaller yard signs can rarely be placed to face both sides of traffic. You can save money by using a single sided sign and purchase double the amount you would spend on double sided signs. 2. Noticeable Colors. Using black and blue or yellow and orange will blend the message together and the information will not stand out. Use one dark color and one light color. Contrasting colors will let your text stand out and be legible from any distance. 3. Keep it Simple. Two line messages with a direction are the most successful yard signs. Oncoming traffic does not have time to a long messy message. Do not include an address only if the sign will be placed in a large intersection. 4. Arrows. If you are advertising a location such as open house or garage sale do not put a long confusing address. Use arrows to point in the direction of your location or event. 5. Only use your logo if it’s recognizable. Yard signs are used to gain new customers and they will not recognize just a logo. Give the reader a call to action and how to get a hold of you. 6. Open Fonts. Use fonts like Arial or Verdana because they are easily read and noticeable. Fancy fonts will only get lost from a distance and fast oncoming traffic. 7. Utilize White Space. The more white space the better. Do not waste space but keep enough space that your message is not lost or difficult to read. 8. Bigger is Better. Larger letters means more visibility from greater distances. The smaller the size the less likely it will be seen by on coming traffic going greater than 25 mph. Invest in a bigger sign to get your moneys worth.

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