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10 Tips for Building a Beautiful Brochure for Your Los Angeles Audience

Los Angeles is a unique city and so are the people who live there. When you’re printing material for a Los Angeles audience, you’ll want to create it differently than you would if it was for viewers in New York City or Dallas. That’s why brochure printing Los Angeles should have a style all its own.

What’s a Brochure?

A brochure is a paper document that is often folded into a pamphlet or leaflet. Typically, the document is informative. Brochures are widely used for advertising and sales purposes, showcasing products or services. They may also be guides or detailed instructions.

Building a Brochure for Los Angeles Living

One of the most important characteristics about a brochure should be personalization. Where a booklet might be written for a broader audience, a brochure has a targeted audience. If you are in Los Angeles, printing your brochure printing Los Angeles style only makes sense.

Los Angeles is a highly diversified city. You’ll want to narrow your audience down to a certain demographic such as young adults, newcomers to the community, or tbroco homeowners in a certain area. Engaging your specific Los Angeles audience is the key to building a brochure that will captivate their attention. If you don’t do that, you might as well not bother to make one.

Focus on the Unique: The Heartbeat of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a world all its own. It’s not fast-paced like NYC is and neither is it as laid back as Dallas or Houston. LA residents are busy, intelligent, typically up to date on current events, and most are not given to having the wool pulled over their eyes. In other words, you must learn how to speak to Los Angeles people before you write something to them.

Taking it a step forward, there are subgroups which you will no doubt want to utilize in your brochure so you can write for a more targeted audience. Know how that subsection talks and what they read and don’t read.

Without further ado, here are 10 tips to making a beautiful and informative brochure for your Los Angeles audience:

1. Power Plan. In all phases of planning your brochure, realize that brochures are powerful tools to have at your disposal for marketing purposes. You can speak with authority and design the best brochure because you have the will and the means to do so.

2. Decide on your targeted audience. The audience you want to market to will greatly depend on the nature of your business and who you serve or wish to serve. Perhaps you have an electric and lighting company and do plenty of commercial business but would like to draw in more residential customers in the area. Maybe you’d like to lean towards electrical repairs and retro-lighting. You can target homeowners. The more thought you give the subject, the better you’ll be able to nail down the group you’d like to market to.

3. Brand identity. Not only do you want your brochure to reflect your brand identity in color and font, you want it to be consistent in all areas such as writing content, graphics, and general mood. Otherwise, your readers will become confused and won’t place value in your company.

4. Plan your information. What is the point of your brochure? Are you introducing a product or a service? If so, plan out what you want to say about them and the photos or graphics you’ll use to do so. If you are introducing your company, line out your story.

5. Plan the design of your brochure. There is a lot that goes into the design of a brochure. You want to stay in keeping of your brand identity when choosing the fonts and color scheme. Utilize the plethora of tools you’ll have available to you when you digitally design your document. You can use a program and even go with a template if you aren’t comfortable designing your own. Hiring a designer is a great option too.

6. Graphics. Your graphics design should not be cluttered. It should be relevant in subject and in size to your content and focus. If you are making a brochure about Los Angeles homes for your real estate business, highlight the best one first and follow suit. Don’t mix in a photo of a house that is obviously not in the area. White space on the page is your friend. Use it to draw attention to the photos and images that are on there.

7. Written content. Make sure the written content in your brochure is interesting. Great headlines cause readers to take a look at your content, You have one sentence, two at the most, to capture your reader’s attention or they won’t read any further. Be certain your writing flows and that there are no errors in spelling or grammar. If you’re not a writer, by all means, hire someone who is. In your writing, directly speak to the LA group you are targeting. If you do, it will show and if you don’t, that will show too. Write as if you’re having a conversation with them.

Don’t forget that the call to action is ultimately the reason for the brochure. The more creatively you state it, the better results you’ll have. For instance, rather than saying “buy now”, you can tell them to “stop on by and see what we an do for you.”

8. The fold. The way you fold your brochure is more important than you may think. According to the experts, there are at least fifteen ways you can fold a brochure and each has its own personality. A bi-fold, tri-fold, accordion fold, and paraleel fold are among some of the most common folds.

9. Printing. The print shop you choose to use will determine the outcome of your product. You can have the best brochure content and lay-out but if the printing is not top-quality, your brochure is junk. Ask to see samples of past projects. Read customer reviews and feedback. Look for any complaints filed against the shop and most of all, judge the shop by the way you are treated from the minute you walk in the door.

10. Distribution. There are multiple ways your brochures can be distributed including mailing and being handed out. You can also have brochures available at the front desk or at your trade show or event. The main thing is to distribute them in a way that makes it likely they’ll fall into the right hands.

Brochures can help you leverage and scale your business. They can assist you in introducing a new product or a service you’ve added. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve with your brochures in the Los Angeles area as long as you take heed of the 10 factors above.

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